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{What Keeps Me Going: Client Love}

Jodi Bigby

In a world where business coaches and consultants are quickly becoming a dime a dozen, Kelly stands out as one who is truly worth her weight in gold. It's not just about her background--as impressive as it is--but she truly has a gift for leading people from struggling and stuck to tangible results, kind of like a Moses for the marketing-challenged entrepreneur.

As a creative Solopreneur, coming up with new ideas has never been a challenge for me. Implementation, on the other hand, has been my Achilles' heel as a recovering perfectionist and as someone working a full-time job while building my own company. Kelly helped me to keep my creative flow productive AND keep the "analysis paralysis" at bay by offering her strategic marketing tactics as well as being supportive when I simply needed a listening ear.

Now that I've completed the Marketing with Clarity™ program, I now have the confidence and the know-how I need in order to launch my new signature programs, and I can't thank Kelly enough!

If you're looking for a dedicated and detail-oriented marketing coach that is at the top of her game and can help you get the results you need from your marketing efforts, then Kelly is the one for you!

Jodi Bigby, The Professionista

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Profit Your Business Elegantly™

Since 2008 I’ve been dispensing strategic business and marketing advice to both Solopreneurs and Organizations.

My services range from Sales Funnel creation to Digital Course design, Social Media Strategy creation to Leadership Branding and Book Launch planning, although we're really just scratching the surface.

I love my clients and they love me right back.

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