When you’re just stepping out as an entrepreneur, everything can feel like an awkward struggle.

You know you need to be generating more leads, more value and more revenue if you’re going to make your business dream a reality.

or, You have been "stuck" in the same place for a while, couldn't figure why all of a sudden everything seems to be overwhelming.

You have tried the newest and the “best” strategies in the market-as they claimed, but you just don't see the result as others did; you are wondering “What am I missing?”

If this sounds like you then read on!

Here's the thing: You cannot see the whole picture while you are in the picture:) 

Within 60-min you will get:

  • Answers to those burning questions that are currently stopping you from moving forward.  
  • A sounding board who’ll listen and lovingly challenge you as you explore your “big why” and get an even clearer handle on your business fingerprint.
  • Brainstorm / Clarify the copy for your Sales Page. (You can hire me for Done-For-You Service, starting from $3000)
  • Easy-to-implement practical tips to get your business idea out of your notebook and up on the web where it belongs.
  • A straightforward, no nonsense appraisal of your business structure and practices and of course suggestions for a more elegant approach.
  • A thorough assessment of where your business currently comes from, and at least three great concepts you can work with to create evergreen digital content and some much needed leverage for your business.

Why it works?

Designing an intentional business that makes an impact as well as a profit requires extreme CLARITY. When you’re spinning in circles and don’t know where to focus next.


You’ll recover a lot more ground and gain a whole lot more clarity if you have a pro asking the right questions.

Terri thinks so too…

BEFORE I even published and released my first course I already had orders for it!  It was over 50% closing rate after my live presentation!

Kelly’s coaching and inspiration has been so effective that before I even published and released my first course I already had orders for it!  It was over 50% closing rate after my live presentation!  I don’t even want to think about where I would be today in this process without Kelly’s guidance and support.  I am so grateful and know that together we are going to continue to do great things in my business.

Terri Delhamer Commercial Real Estate Broker, Mentor and Coach

We’ll be a great fit if:

  • You’re willing to show up, share your vision, and be super honest about where you are in your journey right now
  • You accept where you are and you don’t make excuses for it; you’re ready to draw a line in the sand between you and the past, and you’re ready to draw it today!
  • You’re ready to do whatever is required to make your effortlessly elegant business vision a reality – even if that means throwing everything out and starting over. They weren’t joking when my clients said “coach with Kelly if you dare!”
  • You’re great at implementing independently and don’t necessarily need built-in accountability to take action.

The Investment: $1,500/60min
(If we decided to go forth with my other higher-level programs, such as Mastermind or One-On-One VIP Breakthrough;  this investment will be credited towards the programs.)