It’s NOT for everyone.
THIS is for the brave, bold, crazy ones who:

Have a burning desire to get their business off the ground and make serious money.
Embody a whatever-it-takes attitude to achieving business success.
Are seeking unwavering accountability and are willing to hold up their end of the bargain. 
Understand that every harvest requires significant investments of time, money and energy and who'll invest in all three.
Have a big heart and the passion to serve the people who need what you have.

If this sounds like you then read on!

check ALL that apply:

☐ You’re completely overwhelmed by all the tasks on your to-do list. Your brain is firing off on 5327 tangents every hour. You just can’t seem to sit yourself down and start.


☐ You’ve already spent hundreds of dollars trying to DIY your business, but you’re still having to Google your way out of technical SNAFU’s left, right, and center, and your business sure doesn’t feel at all elegant.

☐ You’ve got all the tools you need to make your business happen and your days are filled – just not with clients. You’re busy but you’re just not busy making money.

☐ You’re spending what feels like every God-given hour serving your clients one-to-one. You love them dearly but you’re crying out for some leverage and space to take a vacation without your income coming to a screeching halt.

☐ You’re ready to take a step back from the areas of your business that no longer need you to be hands-on. You know, the parts that could be easily automated to save you time and create more freedom.

☐ You’re tired of feeling average – you’re ready to hit a whole new altitude.

☐ You’re ready to hire Kelly as your butt-kicker coach to refocus your attention and teach you everything she knows.

Checked a lot of boxes, huh?

Then it’s highly likely that you’re in the right place, at the right time friend, because I designed my 6-Month One-On-One Mentoring Program with people like YOU in mind:

You are ready to ditch what hasn’t worked and learn what works.

You are determined to step up to what God has called you to be – the Esther / Joseph: Who's responsible for some specific change-making in the marketplace. 

In short: You are ready to become the REAL you and get to work!

Here are some samples of Success Stories

 From nearly giving up to $18,5000 in 30 days!

Since meeting with Kelly I went from basically charging $600/month for 6 months to raising my prices and collecting up front! I just collected more from few clients than I made in all of 2016. $7500+$5500+$5500=$18,500 (2016 I reported $12,500)
This was also another client who had already decided I was exactly what she needed and had already made up her mind to hire me before I told her the price.

Since joining the Godly MBA Academy and working with Kelly at One-On-One Breakthrough Mentoring, I went from about to give up, feeling like God must mean for me to serve Him in some other way to knowing I am exactly what I'm supposed to do and stepping up to live it out. Truly I had run out of hope.  After 10 years I was starting to ask the question, when do I just give up?

I was frustrated that I had invested so much in many other coaches and programs but was never able to get further than just making ends meet.

Although I had been crying out to the Lord regularly, doing my best to follow where I thought He was leading, I just could not see my way to the next step. I longed for a community to belong to that would offer me support as I supported them–a community of people who long to serve the Lord in the marketplace as I do, along with a Christian Spiritual Mentor who would help me to more clearly see the path ahead. Thankfully a friend told me about Kelly and her new program because That is exactly what this Godly MBA academy has provided me. God is so good and I am eternally grateful to be able to help the people He has for me to serve while finding very real fellowship and the support I need through the amazing members of our community. Thanks Kelly for answering God's call!

Shannon Spencer – Founder of Savvy W.O.M.O.N. Blueprint™ 

5 Years v.s. 3 Months!

I engaged Kelly Baader as my coach in January 2017. I went round and round for five years, trying to get my coaching business off the ground, rebranding three times and engaging different coaches along the way. After worked with Kelly less than 3 months, I’ve launched my 1st paid workshop, and learned tons about the REAL needs of my clients! I cannot wait to host my 2nd one soon!
I joke with Kelly and call her my “butt-kicker” coach. She holds me accountable and helps me get the right things accomplished. When I’m working with her, I know movement is not only possible, but will be rewarded. Coaching with Kelly provides action, clarity, and result!

Rhonda Peterson – Executive Coach for High Achievers

It’s happening way faster than if I had been doing this on my my own.

Being a certified coach myself, I already knew the benefits of having a coach.

To hire Kelly Baader as my coach has been nothing short of amazing; Kelly's leadership, knowledge and expertise in online marketing has been very instrumental to guide me in setting up my business with purpose and clear direction!  It’s happening way faster than if I had been doing this on my my own.

To be accountable while being encouraged on a weekly basis is so invaluable as I witness my business is flourishing front of my own eyes!

The exciting journey continues…..

Jan Robberts Co-Founder & Co-Owner at Ki Leadership Institute Pty Ltd

Working with Kelly led to a direct increase in my earnings.

I have worked with Kelly Baader for 10 months and enthusiastically recommend her as a personal and business coach. Kelly is a very insightful and inspiring coach. 

She quickly helped me capture my vision.  I knew I had a story to tell and wanted to help people and Kelly helped me create a plan of action. 

Since I started working with Kelly, I have begun writing a book and developing a couple of services. I got my website up and have a plan for marketing my services. I also feel that I was able to capture recent opportunities to speak and reach bigger audiences because of the preparation and planning I had accomplished with Kelly, leading to a direct increase in my earnings.

I highly recommend Kelly to any person that is looking to advance their business, develop their business niche, or grow professionally in the world of coaching.

Kelly’s wealth of experience and passion will help you cut through months of research and planning.  My favorite part of working with Kelly is that she is compassionate about her clients and challenges you to grow and play bigger in the world.

Svava Brooks Coach, Crisis Intervention Specialist, Certified Trainer for CSA

What You can expect from this exclusively personalised service:

  • Twelve 1-hour bi-weekly sessions over Zoom.
  • Recording of all sessions
    Clear outlined assignments for next steps in each session
  • Unlimited email supports during the 6 months
  • Reviews for Copywriting & Design elements up to 3 pages of your website or marketing funnel pages
  • Business templates and structure guides you might need for your business

It means, we’ll set up your desired business system and marketing funnels to enhance both your life and business, so you can attract your ideal clients, generating profit, and finally making that impact you always yearn for!

Your Investment: