Laurens Bonnema | Visual Note Taking for Business Communication

I remember when I was a little girl, I loved drawing on chalk boards, or whatever paper and markers I could get hold of, and just let my imagination flow.


However, since Powerpoint entered my former corporate life,  I found myself not able to draw a thing anymore.  Funny thing is, nowadays many corporations would hire Sketch-noting experts to come to their organizations to “doodle out” their process & procedures, or whatever their next goal-setting is as a team. The result has been proven as stunningly effective especially in business communication.


Today our guest does just that, and he's super good at it. Sketch-noting is not only for corporations; it's also for entrepreneurs just like you and me. 


His name is Laurens Bonnema. I met Laurens at the New Media Europe conference last September 2015.  Many of the attendants were surprised by the natural beauty of his sketch notes from the event.  Why do I say natural beauty? Well, you got to listen further to figure it out, and WHY it’s probably the most powerful branding strategy for your business.


Laurens is an Agile Management Consultant and an expert in sustainably aligning business and IT to improve the results of IT projects. He also helps people (re)learn how to visualize their ideas through sketch-noting and graphic recording so they can communicate those ideas more effectively, help each other to solve problems, and have lots of fun.  Now, let’s chat with Laurens:


Key Lessons From This Episode:

  • How entrepreneurs can use sketch-noting to convey their message in a powerful way.
  • The best way to learn sketch-noting.
  • The best branding strategy for your business

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