#034 Tim Paige | How to Improve Sales Conversion Rate

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When it comes to business, we all know that no sales, no business, period.


But how to sell well and without being feeling sleazy and yucky.


Our guest today – the sales conversion expert Tim Paige comes to the rescue.


If you have ever attended Leadpages’ weekly webinars before, you most likely listened to Tim, or like me, bought from him.  The whole webinar presentation made you feel he’s very professional, gave tons of value, and more importantly, made attendants credit-card ready.  How did he do that?! Was he born as a professional sales expert? Let’s find out!

Key Lessons From This Episode:

  • How Tim’s band career prepared him to be the Leading LEAD Converter in the industry.
  • Why the “public crafted face” won’t work for your business, you should do THIS instead.
  • How to share the STORY that truly converts.
  • What’s the #1 thing you prefer your prospects to say for the best sales conversion?
  • Why the principle of “Just do what you want others to do unto you” might not work for your marketing.
  • What does “offer value to your audience” exactly mean?
  • What you should and shouldn’t do for your tripwire offer.
  • How Tim’s hiccups resulted in the highest converting webinar.

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