#032 Heather Heuman | Social Media Marketing for Church Growth

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If you are listening to this episode as it’s released, it’s Feb 20, 2017. Before we get into today’s main content, I’d like to take a moment and share something with you. We started this podcast in last August, and I have worked with a fantastic team – my dear editor Emma Victoria and Assistant, Andrea. We are like a female version of the 3 Musketeers, week in and week out, we operate through 20 plus steps of the process and get the episode up for you, our beloved listeners. And I have felt so honored to interview over 30 experts and influencers in the marketing field to serve you. 


Now, as an entrepreneur and business owner, I take inventory regularly to see what works and what doesn’t. Not just in the financial ROI sense, but overall the effects of impacts as well. As I have been under the weather for last 3 full weeks, you know, the good thing about when you are sick, you got more time to pray and think. So this is what I have gathered so far: We are taking a break for the month of March, and really think and pray through for the podcast. It’s very highly possible we come back, but maybe with a more focused niche, not just Marketing overall.


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Today, our guest is Heather Heuman, founder of Sweet Tea Social Marketing in Columbia, South Carolina, USA. She travels the country as a national speaker, consultant, and social media trainer helping churches, Chambers, and locally-based businesses learn effective ways to leverage the power of social media. She's had the privilege of working with clients such as Chick-fil-A, Chambers of Commerce, business owners from Alaska to Virginia, and participated in more than a dozen speaking events over the past twelve months. In this episode, we chatted specifically about how churches can better utilize social media platforms, the right and wrong ways to do it and so much more.


Now, let’s chat with Heather!

Key Lessons From This Episode:

  • Why church leaders need to commit to utilizing social media platforms
  • Common mistakes for churches in social media marketing
  • How to dominate in social media platforms
  • Why it's important for churches to set clear goals before engaging in social media, and the practical examples to show you how
  • How to create effective and engaging content for your social media platforms
  • How you can help people find your church easier on your social media platforms
  • The #1 benefit of social media for churches
  • How we as the body of Christ can do to help those who are around us in a more practical way

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