A sales page is the place when two dreamers' dreams collide!

It’s where the solution provider  (YOU) shows your ultimate empathy so much so that the potential clients feel “Where have you been in my life all this time?” 

It’s not about your features and benefits, that’s given, but it’s the level of resonance you can demonstrate to your prospects counts!  

It’s also not about the transaction, that’s a byproduct of the transformation you offer to your clients. 

It’s a Page which when your prospects stop just scanning your paragraphs, but START READING word-to-word AND Nodding Their Heads (even maybe only internally) to the “Money” button, and say to themselves, “I got to have this!” 


Agree so far?



I am NOT your average copywriter.  I came from a mixture of backgrounds of door-to-door sales- Yup, you heard me right! I used to sell things from newspaper subscriptions, cassette tapes, vacuum cleaners to high end 5-6 figure luxury hospitality membership and generated over 7 figure revenue to transit my offline Sales and Marketing skill to online marketing since 2004.   In other words, I know how to sell both low and high priced offers, and anything in between, because

I have worked and lived over three continents plus Jamaica to bring you full and yet deep levels of understanding in human psychology for your conversion-driven communication.  After all, we are doing business with HUMAN, not numbers or bullet points.  When a sales page has done right, it doesn’t just make the sale; it also creates your raving fans. 

Also, I have been in the trenches with my coaching and consulting clients over a decade.  I am close to the heartbeats of the marketplace; I am not that lady wearing a bikini and sits pretty on the beach with a laptop.


As it’s a very intensive process to understand your business, how you serve, and whom you help; I only take super limited clients for sales page service.

Here are a few examples I have done for 2 of my former VIP coaching clients.

Example 1

Example 2

30-min 1-1 Clarity Session

Clarity Session: We will meet via Zoom video call, so I can interview you to understand your project and see whether we are a great fit or not.  Simple, elegant, not complicated 🙂