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Creating a podcast is relatively simple nowadays, but utilizing the content effectively isn’t.


Notice that I didn’t say it’s easy, I said it’s simple; because to create and launch great quality podcast takes a lot of work. Therefore, what we can do to make this valuable content we've created work harder for us as business owners are one of the most asked questions. And I have a solution for you today.


Our guest for this episode is Colin Gray, a podcaster, a writer, and a Ph.D. in education. He specializes in engaging through content, with podcasting at its core and how you can get a shedload of content out into the world without killing yourself. His company, The Podcast Host, helps businesses to grow an audience by combining podcasting, blogging, and video to cultivate fanatical fans. I have met Colin in person a few times, a very down-to-earth person and expert on this matter. Recently, he has rocked a couple of stages as speaker: such as at New Media Europe in UK and Problogger in Australia. 


Now, let’s chat with Colin.

Key Lessons From This Episode:

  • How to be super productive as a parent and entrepreneur at the same time
  • Why Podcast and Audio connection can build that trust factor for you as a business owner
  • A step-by-step guide to getting started for your 1st podcast
  • How to create effective content so your audience won't be overwhelmed
  • How to easily create content for different platforms from one podcast episode

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