Tony Brown | How To Scale Your Business By Creating Standard Operating Procedure

Today our guest is Tony L Brown.  He is known as “The Systems Guy”, is a Business Systems Strategist, Author, Speaker and Trainer. He is also the Author of “Standard Procedure” – How to Systemise your Business, Reduce your Workload, Increase your Productivity and Become Profitable.


Tony’s goal is to help small business entrepreneurs to develop systems and processes that will help them to run their business more efficiently, giving them more freedom and flexibility to spend time doing the things they want to do.


After 15 years of service, Tony left his full-time job with the local government to run that business full time. He has since grown it to a team of over 15 people, that serve a range of clients, delivering youth work projects across the UK.


In 2015, Tony was able to travel around Jamaica with his family for 8 weeks – while still running his business remotely.  And how did he achieve that? Let’s chat with Tony:


Key Lessons From This Episode:

  • WHY you can become the bottleneck of your business
  • How to get systemized your business, so you can reclaim the freedom back
  • How God led him from zero to today’s prosperous business he has built and lives he is able to impact

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I trust you have enjoyed this episode as much as I did.  As you can tell, Tony and I had a great time to create this episode for you, and his obedience to God’s voice has led him not only to his own personal breakthrough, but also for many others whom he is called to impact on. I trust it did inspire you to cling closer to God’s voice.


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