Marta Krasnodebska | How To Get More Done in Less Time

If you are like me, playing several roles in life – wife, parent, daughter, sister, friend, business owner, etc.,  I think you can relate that sometimes 24 hours a day seems too short for us to carry out all the duties effectively. Today’s guest is a good friend of mine, an example of having it all in her own authentic way. Marta Krasnodebska is from Poland and a Social Media Branding and Business Growth Strategist for passionate entrepreneurs and engineering companies. 

Are you excited? I hope so, now let's chat with Marta:

Key Lessons From This Episode:

  • How to “have it all” as mom / wife / entrepreneur efficiently in just 15 hours per week
  • How to batch business activities in the smartest way to be most productive.
  • How to avoid burning your cookware as family chef 🙂
  • How to avoid your business desert and the fastest ways to build up your audience
  • How to add fuel to your business to avoid procrastination… and so much more!

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