Izabela Russell | How to Create Successful Live Events Part 1

In today’s digital age, we have all the technology that enable us to connect and meet virtually with our audience and clients all over the world. But still, nothing can compare with meeting people in person, giving each other a hug, chatting over a cup of coffee, or even better, attending a live event to engage and network with like-minded entrepreneurs. It’s safe to say that many of you have probably attended 1 or more industry events this year, or at least have witnessed some of them happening.


As attendees, we know there is a lot of work to run live events, but exactly how much work is involved? And what motivates those event hosts to do so? Are they making a lot of money?


Today, we can get all the questions answered and more. Our guest is my good friend: Izabela Russell. She & Mike Russell (her husband) are the founders of the New Media Europe conference. A unique event that is aimed at podcasters, bloggers, social media visionaries, content creators, entrepreneurs who are looking to up their game through the effective use of new media tools ‒ such as podcasting, blogging and social media ‒ in their endeavors. They are also running a very successful audio branding company, Music Radio Creative. They get to work with over 300 customers every single month and touch 197 countries annually with the audio they create.

Next week, we will also chat with Mike, to talk about the marketing side of promoting your live events. So make sure to come back next week as well.

Now let’s chat with Izabela!

Key Lessons From This Episode:

  • Top tips to run a successful live event
  • The benefits of running live events
  • The common mistakes of running live events

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