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Today, we are diving into a very HOT topic: Facebook Marketing, specifically Facebook Advertising. I think there's a good chance that if you are listening to this show, you have at least heard of or already used Facebook Ads for your business. Personally, I have used FB ad since 2012 to launch my book A Little Girl called Grace. In 60 days, we had over 13,000 fans, and it created great buzz and sales for us.


However, we all know that Facebook is known for their consistency in constant change, so today we are not here to tell you the HOW-Tos in the tactics, but the MUST-Have components, and the right mindset you need to have in place in order to use Facebook Ad effectively and successfully. We will also share with you the most common pitfalls to avoid, so you can save money, time, and efforts for your next campaign.


Today’s guest is a dear friend of mine, and one of Marie Smith’s VIP coaches for Facebook Marketing, you cannot get much better than that. Currently, she is also Director of Sales of AgoraPulse – the lovely Jenny Brennan.  Now let’s chat with Jenny.

Key Lessons From This Episode:

  • WHY exactly Facebook Ad is a great idea for marketing your business from the inside out
  • How to approach Facebook for business properly
  • What are the pitfalls to avoid for FB Ads.
  • The 3 must-have steps to do FB Ads correctly.
  • And 5 essential components in place you need to have BEFORE you start the Facebook Marketing Strategy for Business to be most effective. And much more!

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