Surpassing all others; very distinguished in some way.


I help Christian Entrepreneurs and High Achievers create profitable businesses by establishing their PREEMINENT positioning in the marketplace, so they can finally become the influential change-makers they are called to be!

Mastering Growth Mindset.  Profit Styles™. Brand Stories.

Can you relate to The story?

Hello, Hi, Hey, (你好), Hoi, Guten Tag… (Hopefully you are able to pick the one suits you:) 

It’s a miracle you are here, really.

Considering this: Out of 7-billion human beings on earth, you found me here, I am both humbled and honoured! And guess what? It isn't by accident, either.


So instead of some boring ABOUT me page which you might read on other websites, expecially the “coaches/experts/gurus” sites, shall we just get real, like two friends sitting in a coffee shop chatting? You like that? Great! (Just to ease your mind, we’ll also cover those “boring but official” things later on.)


I’d like you to know one thing first, You Matter!   I mean this 100% from the deepest part of my soul! 

You’ve invested so much money, time and resources into your business but are not seeing the traction and results you expected.

It seems there is always new tech, new platforms and new strategy to consider.

In spite of the long hours you have spent in front of your screen, the many webinars you’ve attended, there seems to be little or no progress in this “calling” you sensed God bestowed on you.

You have seen others succeed and felt frustrated when you have more experience, expertise and knowledge. You felt let down and came close to throwing in the towel and saying goodbye to this “leverage the internet and build a lifestyle business” thing..

And as a Christian in the marketplace, sometimes you feel like second class citizen in the online world.  Not sure what to say or do to avoid offending people.  You try hard to blend in, water down your brilliance, knowledge, and insights;  hoping that you can be part of the “cooler” crowd…because you have heard and experienced way too many “NOs” ! 

Before all the great looking photos you see here in the website,

Before all the glamour connections with my podcast VIPs (They really rock, check them out),

Before all the well sought-after status, and $$$ revenue generated,

Before all the raving reviews from clients,

Before all the hard-earned coaching/consulting certification (1000 hours+ real life coaching sessions)

Before all the exciting travels experienced,

Before all the fancy leather office chairs in the Executive Office (my former corporate life)

What the naysayers didn’t know though…with Grace and Gumption, Each "NO" became an invitation to me!

Q: HOW did you achieve all the above against all odds?!

A: “God sent the invitation, and I said YES to the partnership.”

It means, YOU- the Esther or the Joseph who has been called to make a difference in the marketplace, can also build a profitable business of influence and impact...if

you are willing to finally stop circling the bottom of the mountain, and become equipped to climb to the summit! It requires more than just prayers!

5 Years v.s. 3 Months! I engaged Kelly as my coach in January 2017. I went round and round for five years, trying to get my coaching business off the ground, rebranding three times and engaging different coaches along the way. After working with Kelly less than 3 months, I’ve launched my 1st paid workshop, and learned tons about the REAL needs of my clients! I cannot wait to host my 2nd one soon! I joke with Kelly and call her my “butt-kicker” coach. She holds me accountable and helps me get the right things accomplished. When I’m working with her, I know movement is not only possible, but will be rewarded. Coaching with Kelly provides action, clarity, and result!
Rhonda Peterson
Executive Coach For High Achievers

Get to know Kelly

Kelly Baader is a renowned Digital Sales and Marketing Strategist, Mentor to emerging online entrepreneurs, Host of Christian CEO Podcast, author of an Amazon bestseller, and the founder of   Power Of One Framework™ & Christian CEO Learning Hall™.

Previously a Senior Executive of luxury global hotel groups and membership clubs, Kelly led thriving sales and marketing functions, and became one of the top income earners before her 30th birthday. 

From a humble background, Kelly had to overcome insurmountable odds to achieve the success she enjoys today. She is now CEO of her own company, Influential Entrepreneurs LLC, and is on a mission to empower coaches and purpose-driven entrepreneurs to design profitable businesses that make impactful changes in the world.

After relocating seven times in seventeen years and giving birth to two lovely children, Kelly became fascinated by digital entrepreneurship and dove in headfirst. She invested in elite training with online marketers including Eben Pagan, Frank Kern, Business Coach and Leadership training with John C. Maxwell, as well as wealth consciousness training with David Bach and Les Brown.

Kelly graduated & is certified PCC Prep Programs as CPC (certified Professional Coach) with Coaching Cognition (ACSTH), and she is also a certified leadership speaker, trainer, and consultant with the John C. Maxwell Team.

In both her impactful group mastermind programs and high-level one-on-one mentoring, she shares all the sales and marketing smarts her clients need to show up powerfully online, share their message with the world, and become the go-to experts in their area of expertise. After working with Kelly, her clients go on to define their purpose, design and build out their marketing funnels, sign up new clients, raise their rates, exceed their income goals, and even write and publish books. 

Based on her own story, her Amazon Bestseller <<“A Little Girl Called Grace” >> allows readers to relate to the trials and tribulations she has overcome in her own life, and identify with the champion spirit that lies within each of us by connecting with the determination of this little girl. 

Kelly is happily married, has two lovely children, and after travelling the globe, she and her family have now settled in Switzerland with their well-travelled Labrador. 

I was a child of a mistress, born in the time and place where baby girls were perceived as future baby production machines, no need for education. 

I was abandoned by my father at the age of 5, and disowned by my own mother when I decided to become a Christian after 10 years plus of sexual and emotional abuse. 

I paid my own university tuition by working sales commission-based jobs during all summer and winter vacations.   I sold from music cassettes, physical newspaper subscriptions and vacuum machines.  I sold door-to-door, at trade shows, and I even crashed into companies’ board meetings.  (I know, I wasn’t very polite.   But you have to do what you have to do in order to survive:) 

I walked into the wrong marriage to escape the horror at home.  Wrong reason, wrong person, additional abuse: ended in divorce.

My first full time job was a telephone operator at the first 5-star hotel in Taipei, Taiwan.  I learned how to greet guests in 5 different languages, and I even learned the real PBX systems – you know, those huge machines hidden inside the cooling room with gazillion cables.  I even saved a day for the hotel when the entire system crashed.  I got 27 operators, 30 receptionists to remove their high heels, and run over 300 plus guest rooms that had ordered a morning wake-up call at 6:30am to catch their flights! (A nice workout for the day!) 

I climbed the corporate ladder all the way to Director of Membership in a prestigious club where the Asian WHO’s WHOs were congregated.  I generated over $1 million during the pre-opening phrase, as God showed me how to write the marketing plan and how to dominate the industry!

Ooh, gender inequality was the norm.  When we had sales meetings, I was often the only female executive so the client thought I was the secretary and placed my seat at the end of the table.   Even worse: once there wasn't even a ladies room on the floor of the meeting. 

After I remarried, my husband and I decided we prefer having one parent at home for our children.   I stayed at home and coordinated 17 years of relocation over 3 continents, 3 states in US, and Jamaica.  

I began to transfer my offline marketing skills online since 2004.  I learned from some legendary teachers such as Frank Kern, Eben Pagan, Jeff Walker, etc.  Then because of my love for people, I also became trained & certified with Coaching Cognition (ICF Certified over 400 hours) as Business Coach, and invited by John C Maxwell’s office to become one of the founding members as well.   So it might answer the question I often got asked:  How were you able to get those influencers to your podcast? Well, one main reason is I have been around for a while:)   

By God's grace and hard work, in spit of the 2008 economy crash, my husband and I still co-own 3 properties in USA and in Switzerland.  I have generated an amazing income and impacted people through executive coaching for executives in the private firms, corporate training for organisations, and with my 1-1  high-end consulting/ mentoring clients.  The topics include mindset, marketing, system-building, leadership trainings and more.  More importantly, clients are happy:) 

While we lived in Las Vegas, both my husband and I were founding members of a local church, so I know quite well how “inside-the walls” work as well. 

I have gifts of discernment and prophecy, and THAT sometimes scares people as I can see way ahead. (Just ask my clients and kids).   From the beginning, I thought it was norm for all my fellow Christians, after a while, I figured that’s not the case.  

On one of my recent birthdays, Abba's sense of humour caused Him to show up in my kitchen when I had communion with Him.  It was so “real”, I thought it was my husband standing behind me until I realised that wasn't the case.  There I was asked to feed the sheep in the marketplace,  I argued, debated….and I guess you know WHO won the discussion. 🙂 

My super powers on top of my spiritual gifts: Sales Conversion, Clarity Regaining, Strategy Planning, Mindset Shifting, System Building,  Action-taking,  and Devil-crushing. 

Many people asked me how I got the ideas and concepts for this website.  So I created this page for you:)
Here you go!