#031 Donna Moritz | How to Use Visual Content for Social Media

Donna Moritz | How to Use Visual Content for Social Media

We all know that as business owners / entrepreneurs, what we are truly competing for is people’s ATTENTION!  Visual content creation is very crucial if we’d like to catch the extremely short attention span of our audience. Today, I invited a friend and expert in the visual content field. She is a social media strategist and visual marketing specialist based in Queensland, Australia. She loves helping people like us learn how to use visual social media and content strategy to get results in our business.

She is a Winner of Best Business Blog in Australia and Social Media Examiner’s Top 10 Social Media Blogs in 2015, 2016, and 2017 all three years!  She is also a regular contributor for some of the best business and social media websites such as Social Media Examiner and Entrepreneur Online.  Her thoughts and articles on Social Media and Marketing have been featured on Forbes, Yahoo!, NBC, Social Fresh, Amy Porterfield, Socialancer, Huffington Post, Michael Hyatt, and Entrepreneur Online.

And today, we will learn how she turned £250 to become an influencer, her 5 keys to creating attention-grabbing visual content, and so much more!  Can you guess her name now? Let’s chat with Donna Moritz!

Donna Moritz

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Key Lessons From This Episode:

  • How Donna started from £250 to become one of the influencers in the visual marketing field
  • 5 different ways to create attention-grabbing visual content
  • Make sure you dress up for hosting a webinar

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